Client Testimonials

We are truly proud of the success stories below, and want you to become a part of our extended dog training family! Our client base in greater Philadelphia, PA continues to grow through strong referrals. Read our reviews on Google.

Adam Colberg – Celebrity Personal Trainer & Pro Boxing Coach, Media Contributor, and Award-Winning Gym Owner from Greenwich, CT

Having a super-dog myself, Sean is better than the best. Look no further! His accomplishments as an expert in the field and National Champion speak volumes about who he is as a dog trainer. Forget everything you know about dogs, and listen to this guy. His dog Repo, might be the most well rounded product I’ve ever witnessed in my lifetime. You know you’re working with a world class professional once you begin; and after you follow his pragmatic strategies under his supervision, you too can have a dog like ours.

Pamela Garnick
Director, Fundraising & Public Affairs at To Love A Canine Rescue, Inc.
Spring City, Pennsylvania

I met Shawn Reed when I adopted my American Foxhound, Hope, as a companion for my Staffy mix (Dyna) after we lost our dog Dudley to cancer. I contacted Shawn primarily for basic dog training with Hope, but he also helped me work with Dyna on some impulse control issues and some newly developed leash reactivity. Unfortunately, Dyna who had always been very social, had become desocialized during the last 2 years of our Dudley’s life and, while she was not aggressive with Hope, she had become aggressive towards other dogs. After working with Shawn on Dyna’s impulse control and focus, I decided to have Shawn take her for board & train to do some intense socialization work with her. The results were astounding. I expected Dyna to be more manageable around other dogs and had hoped that, maybe, I could possibly do some fostering for rescue but I understood any expectation I could foster was probably unrealistic. As it turns out, Dyna was not only ready to start fostering, she’s become an amazing resource to help the dogs we’ve been fostering since her time with “Uncle Shawn.” Thanks to Shawn, Dyna has personally been able to help save the lives of over 20 dogs so far and has flourished in the process.

Pamela Garnick's Dog Dyna

Rachel Cunningham
Waynesburg, Pennsylvania

Sending our dog Cy to do a board and train was one of the best decisions we’ve made as dog owners. Shawn exceeded our expectations, even now, going on 2 years later he is always there to answer questions. My dog came home happy, healthy, and well mannered 🙂

Rachel Cunningham

Sylvia Chiappini
Grove City, Pennsylvania

My dog had nervous aggressive problems and we decided to do a board and train with Shawn, needless to say he did an AMAZING job, my dog is well behaved and his aggressiveness is gone. My dog also loves to train with “Uncle Shawn”.

Sylvia Chiappini

Heather Graham
Founder / Director of Public Relations at To Love a Canine Rescue, Inc.
Spring City, Pennsylvania

I have known Shawn for about 3 years. My male Great Pyr spent 5 weeks in board and train with Shawn two springs ago and came home much happier, relaxed and well trained. Harper will always be our protector, but he now understands that I am the boss, not him and that not everyone that comes into our home is a threat. Shawn has always been willing and ready to answer any questions and offer help when needed. Shawn will always be one of Harper’s all time favorite people and that says a lot!

Barbara Bernard
Dale City, Virginia

Shawn was recommended to me by someone I trusted when we realized I could not train my puppy. He trained my highly active, highly intelligent black Labrador. I am so proud of her, even tho she needs some fine tuning. If I get another puppy someday, I hope to take her to Shawn.

Barbara Bernard

OFC Eric Goudy
Reading Police Department
Reading, Pennsylvania

I met Shawn a few years ago at a seminar before training with him. I found Shawn to use a very effective dog training system and have an incredible ability to apply that system to every dog. I would without a doubt recommend him to anyone looking for dog training that is worth every cent.

Eric Goudy

Rachel Meyer
School Psychologist
Denver, Colorado

Shawn is amazing! I have known him prior to starting Mannerly Canine when he initially trained my dog, Lily (my standard poodle), in Cleveland, Ohio. After he moved to PA, although I was disappointed, I was super excited that he was starting his own Dog Training Business; he is a wonderful trainer and I knew he’d have a lot of success. I kept in constant contact with him, calling to ask him questions and see how things were going, and he called me to catch up and see how Lily was doing. In the process of training us (let’s be honest, us humans need training too) Shawn not only worked on general obedience with Lily, he also got her ready to take and successfully pass the Therapy Dog Test! I was so grateful! After much consideration, I decided that I was going to leave Cleveland and move out to Denver, CO, a place I used to live and couldn’t wait to get back. However, the only problem was my dog had never been out there and with all of the hiking and dog friendly environments, I needed Lily to be trained off leash and not get quite excited when she saw other dogs. (Let’s just say, Shawn and I joked that Lily was/is a very social dog!) When I called Shawn to tell him about the move I also asked him to talk to me about his board and train and training Lily off leash. See, although he was no longer in the Cleveland area which meant me driving over an hour away, I couldn’t have trusted anyone else to take my dog, treat her with as much love and happiness, train her like I knew Shawn was capable of, and most importantly, put up with my constant calling and nagging about how I was doing with me being away from her for 2 weeks. I was SO concerned that if I sent Lily to board and train, her personality was going to change, but rest assured it didn’t and Shawn was always reminding me that it wouldn’t; he was right! Now, living in Colorado, I am still in contact with Shawn, telling him how great Lily is doing and how happy I am that he encouraged me to do the board and train for some advanced dog training. Of course I was hesitant in sending her, but I knew Shawn, trusted him, and believed in his training style and method since I had seen first hand how successful he had previously been with Lily the fist time around. People ask me ALL the time where I trained my dog and who trained here. I love telling them about Mannerly Canine and Shawn but they are always bummed that it’s back in PA and not out west. However, the compliments that I get on how well behaved, trained, discipled, loving and playful, and everything else Lily is, is always attributed to her trainer, Shawn.

Rachel Meyer and Lily