Shawn Reed, Head Trainer

Shawn Reed - Head Dog TrainerShawn Reed has been training dogs for nearly a decade now. He got his start at a large dog boarding, daycare and training facility in a Philadelphia suburb. After working there for a couple of months, he didn’t like what he saw in regards to how the dogs were being trained. At the time, he didn’t know anything about dog training, however, his gut told him this company and their training approach would not fit with him.

After much research, he found The Michael Ellis School For Dog Trainers in Northern California. After completing many programs there he decided to help a rescue out with their problem dogs.

As many know, rescue dogs are generally someone else’s baggage. They often come with behavioral issues like fear, aggression, horrible manners with people and other dogs, destructive behaviors in the house, and so forth. These dogs most of the time don’t lend themselves to cookie cutter training approaches. A lot of “out of the box” thinking is required to train and rehabilitate these dogs. They take hands on skill and thoughtful thinking to give them the most success possible.

With that being said, the dog has to go home to the owner eventually. A great dog trainer not only has to train the dogs but also coach the owners to follow through. Shawn is a loving, warm, outgoing guy who has impeccable skills at coaching clients how to train and handle their dogs.

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