Private In-Home Dog Training Lessons

If you are looking to be a complete part of your dog’s training, 1-on-1 lessons will be great for you. We will coach you how to effectively train your dog. We conduct our private lessons in 6 separate lesson blocks.

Why Private Dog Training?

Many people take group classes and end up getting minimal results. Private training allows us to teach your dog one on one in a neutral, non distractive setting… which is your home! Your dog will learn at a more rapid rate with this approach. Once your dog has foundational skill sets, we can then take him or her to more distractive environments and continue to be very successful in their training!

Valuable Training Skills Learned

  • Sit stay
  • Down stay
  • Bed stay
  • Wait, at crate door and door ways in your home
  • Heeling, walking loose leash, next to you on your left hand side and sitting whenever you stop
  • Here, coming when called on leash

Contact Shawn Reed for a Free Dog Training Evaluation to determine if in-home private training is right for you and your dog.