Shawn Reed, Head Dog TrainerPuppy Training“Start Line” Puppy Training
This is a two week boot camp for puppies between 10-18 weeks old.
This camp addresses common puppy problems, and gives owners a jump start on training.

Adult Dog Training“Obnoxious to Mannerly” Adult Dog Training
This boot camp is two weeks and is designed to eliminate obnoxious behaviors in adult dogs.
Living with your dog will be more pleasurable with the manners taught in this camp.

Intermediate Adult Dog Training“The Race Is On” Intermediate Adult Dog Training
This boot camp is 3 weeks long. It is designed for owners who wants more than just basic manners and obedience. The distractions will be challenging, however your dog will learn to listen under them.

Advanced Adult Dog Training“Finish Line” (Off Leash) Advanced Adult Dog Training
If your dog has completed “The Race Is On”, the “Finish Line” camp can be achieved in one week.
If your dog has no training this is a four week boot camp.

Aggressive Dog Training“New Beginnings” Dog Aggression Behavior Modification Training
This boot camp is at least 4 weeks or longer to curb dog aggression.
The determination on the length of the dogs stay is on a case by case basis.

Looking for private in-home 1-on-1 dog training lessons? We now offer private training lessons as an option.

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